Ji-Horng Plastic Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing plastic accessories, strap buckles, trigger clip hook, cord toggle stopper, and webbing adjusting clasps for over 30 years, we are dedicated to provide our customers the best purchasing experience, satisfied quality, economical price, and star service with plenty of zap, our buckles are suitable to be used in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Pet collar, leash, or harness for dog and cat, we have safety buckle which can secure the fastening system and stop the buckle from releasing by providing extra lockable function
  • Medical and orthopedic products such as wrist support, knee support, restraint
  • Backpack, bag, and luggage part, top held handle, easy adjustable slide buckle, nonslip shoulder pad, bag bottom foot stand, press stud
  • Baby chair, baby carrier, child car seat
  • Garment material for shoes and clothing, used for adjusting tightness of shoelace, glove, helmet, belt
  • Military tactical belt and vest, police equipment(gun sling), multiple selections of strong heavy-duty buckle which can afford higher level of tensile strength
  • Outdoor gear, mountaineering, camping equipment, such as tent, bicycle bag, golf bag, or draw pocket
  • Work gear including life jacket, tool belt, tool vest, tool pouch, tool carrier pocket
  • Auto interior accessories such as seat cover, trunk organizer, or hanging storage bag
  • Accessories for epidemic prevention equipments such as anti-earache face mask ear rope extender, ear rope adjuster cord stopper, face shield press snap button for fastening

Available in custom color, logo printing, engraving, laser, epoxy sticker, and different kinds of surface treatment.

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