• ji-horng-plastic-heavy-curved-side-release-buckle-S22A
  • ji-horng-plastic-strong-curved-side-release-buckle-clip-S22A
  • ji-horng-plastic-strong-curved-side-release-buckle-S22A
  • ji-horng-plastic-heavy-duty-curved-side-release-buckle-S22A
  • ji-horng-plastic-heavy-duty-curved-side-release-buckle-S22A
Heavy Curved Side Release Buckle
Plastic side release buckle with high tensile strength, can achieve 100~130 kgs breaking strength and afford repeated impact loads, for applications where high impact resistance is needed, such as pet collar of large dog, marine, safety equipment, etc.

Size(in) Size(mm) L W W1 H
1 26 66.1 26.5 26.1 12.3

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