• ji-horng-plastic-flat-rectangle-dual-cord-lock-C94
  • ji-horng-plastic-flat-rectangle-dual-cord-lock-C94
Dual Flat Rectangle Cord Lock
Plastic double hole flat tapered rectangle cord end lock, also called cord toggle stopper, rope end lock, cord adjust buckle, string cord lock, lanyard cord stopper, drawstring lock, etc. Mainly used on hoodie, sports wear, jacket, shoe lace, camping gear, mountaineering equipment, backpack, drawpocket, etc.

Adjusted by pushing the top button, the cord lock will loose for freely moving along the string, cord, lanyard, or rope, and then release to stop adjusting and firmly hold to secure it stay at the required place.

Size(in) Size(mm) L W φ H
29.3 18.3 5.8 5.3