• ji-horng-plastic-kayak-eye-pad-L29
  • ji-horng-plastic-canoe-eye-pad-foot-man-loop-L29
  • ji-horng-plastic-boat-eye-pad-L29
Pad Eye
Material:PP or NY
Compatible with all kinds of boat, kayak, or canoe, also commonly known as deckloops, eye plate, footman loop, or eye strap, used to tie down and to create attachment points for bungee cord, hook, gear leashes, roped accessories, or other connecting tools, perfectly secure your paddle, kickboard, swim ring, or other gears. Good durability, light-weight, and great performance for different applications. Ji-Horng provides the best quality plastic buckle and accessories to meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact for pricing!

Size(mm) L L1 W H H1 φ
48.2 48.2 17.8 12.7 17.8 4.5 4.8

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