Plastic Molding Method: Calendering Coating

The material which is mostly used in calendering is PVC. When the smooth and flat surface is desirable, calendering is a used on paper, textile, and polymer, as a final step of production, i.e. Paper or fabric can be used for calendering to make artificial leather.

Calendering is used to decorate the surface or to provide smooth touch feeling, some examples in our daily life including handmade textile, wallpaper, seat fabric, and even mulching material for conservation of soil and water. 



While the fabric, paper or polymer passing under rotating roller, the molten PVC resin is filled by Banbury mixer and applied to make glossy surface. 

Normally, when the temperature of the roller goes higher, the glossiness of the surface is higher as well




1. High-quality

2. High volume of production



1. Require a large space to set up the equipment

2. The equipment is expensive



In order to improve the adherence of PVC coating and fabric, we can iron the fabric to make it flat, or use PVC paste resin instead.

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