Introduction of Plastic


Plastic is a kind of material which has nice plasticity and can to be cast, pressed, or extruded into a variety of shapes, by controlling the temperature, it can be soften after heated, and become solid when the temperature cool down.


1. With lower cost compared with metal

2. Light-weight

3. Rustless

4. Can be easily molded into complex shape


Baby Product Packaging Construction Energy
Medical Pet Collar Automobile
Agriculture Sport & Leisure Military & Safety
Bag & Luggage

Categories of Plastic

Plastic can be classified by "the permanence or impermanence of their form" into two main categories: 1. Thermoplastic  2. Thermosetting Plastic

Category Polymerization Feature Usage
Thermoplastic Linear Can be shapable by heated repeatly, it will be soften when exposed to heat. plastic bottle, plastic wrap, coating, adhesive, artificial fiber , etc.
Thermosetting Plastic Crosslink Can not be reshaped once it has been shaped and solidified once. outer casing, parts, inner structure of electronic products

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