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Plastic injection Molding - Required Information for Quotation

Ji-Horng Plastic Co., Ltd. has passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality system certification, which has own injection mold tooling and designing department which is capible of providing complete professional injection molding services from design, drawing, molding, mass production, secondary operation, to assembling, good quality guaranteed. Our company has specialized in plastic injection moulding OEM/ODM for over 30 years, accumulate a lot of practical experience. Available for mold processing process including: CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC discharge, lapping, drilling, engraving, texture, electroplating, and other professional processes and technology.

plastic injection molding OEM ODM-Ji-Horng

In order to provide the most accurate quotation efficiently, please provide below information:

1. Specification and appearance(Select one or more)
(1)2D/3D Drawing
2. Product Information
(1)Product Material
(2)Estimated Order Quantity per Time/Annually
(3)Other Special Requirement: Further Processing(Electroplating, LOGO Printing/Laser LOGO)
Accessories(Webbing Sewing Service)
3. Special Packing Requirement
Carton Size, Pallet, Packing Quantity per Bag/Carton, Labeling, Shipping Mark, etc.

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