Heavy Duty Plastic Buckle

Heavy duty plastic buckles differ from standard buckles, they are normally thicker or designed to have stroner structure, which are able to tolerate greater tension than a standard buckle would. These buckles are manufactured with durable plastic, Polyacetal (POM), which is a material with high stiffness and hardness. Mostly used size is 1 inch, 25 mm, compatible with 1"(25 mm) webbing and straps. Ji-Horng offers multiple types of heavy duty side release buckles with various size, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any item!


Heavy Duty U.S Hook



Heavy duty plastic hook clip with stronger structure, which has better tensile strength.


Heavy Side Release Buckle



Plastic heavy duty side release buckle which has stronger tensile strength, including male part and female part, used as bag buckle, webbing adjuster, collar buckle, etc.


Heavy Duty Side Release Buckle



Plastic heavy duty strong side release buckle, high strength guaranteed, including male part and female part, the tensile strength is over 300 lbs (around 140 kgs), tensile strength test report can be provided. This buckle accommodates 1-inch-wide webbing or strap with one side adjustable. Usages: life jacket buckle, cargo strap, pet collar buckle, backpack clasp, etc.


Heavy Curved Side Release Buckle



Plastic side release buckle with high tensile strength, can achieve 100~130 kgs breaking strength and afford repeated impact loads, for applications where high impact resistance is needed, such as pet collar of large dog, cargo strap, marine, safety equipment, etc.


Heavy Side Release Buckle



Plastic heavy duty strong side release buckle, including male part and female part.
This buckle accommodates 1-inch-wide and 3/4-inch-wide webbing or strap, non-adjustable, thus an additional webbing slide buckle is needed if you are going to adjust the length or tightness of the webbing.
Usages: life jacket buckle, pet collar buckle, backpack clasp, etc.


Heavy Side Release Buckle



Plastic heavy duty side release buckle, including male part and female part, this buckle is stronger compare to common plastic buckle, the tensile strength can achieve 200 kgs (450 lbs), offers superior strength for specific uses.


Heavy Tensionlock



Heavy duty plastic tension lock buckle, also known as ladder lock, strap slider, or tri-glide buckle, lightweight and durable, strong enough to afford extra strength, used for adjusting length or tightness of webbing or shoulder strap. Used as backpack strap adjuster, tactical chest bag, life jacket buckle, plastic component of outdoor equipment or camping gear, webbing adjuster of products which works with webbing, etc.