Plastic Buckle

Also known as plastic side release buckle, parachute buckle, safety buckle, breakaway buckle, plastic clasp, easy release buckle, plastic quick release buckle, plastic clip, webbing adjuster, etc. Size ranges from 2 inches to 8 mm, which can be flexibly applied on different uses. Used for clasping, buckling, and adjusting length or tightness, normally be used with webbing or bag strap; there's also a wide series of heavy duty buckle with high tensile strength, which are stronger and more durable than general plastic buckles, they are capable of carrying, fastening, or keeping heavy things in place, ISO standard tensile strength test report can be provided. Usage: luggage strap, shoes buckle, pet collar buckle, dog harness, safety equipment, backpack buckle, military equipment, baby seat buckle, carrier strap, bag accessories, outdoor & mountaineering equipment, camping gear, life jacket buckle, tool belt, work apron, paracord bracelet, therapy equipment, etc.