Slide Buckle Series

Also known as plastic tri-glide buckle, sliplock, webbing adjuster/keeper, strap keeper, since there are three horizontal bars, a center bar is in the middle, it is also called plastic three bar slider, they are commonly made in Delrin, used for adjusting length of webbing or tightness of bag strap. With a wide range of size choices to fit different width of strap, measure the width of strap first, and select the slide buckle with same inner width, complete size are supplied, ranges from 3 inches to 8 mm, there are also wide mouth design which is suitable for different strap thicknessUsage: shoes, backpack buckle, harness, clothing, medical arm or leg sling, military equipment buckle, auto storage bag, car seat back outdoor hanging organizer, & camping gear, pet collar, mountaineering equipment, life jacket, baby seat buckle, baby stroller buckle, tool belt, work apron, etc.