Inspection Certificate ISO9001:2015

What is ISO9001: 2015?

"ISO9001: 2015 Certificate" is a Quality Management System(QMS) standard created by International Organization for Standardization in 1987, it has been updated and modified for times to keep up times, "2015" means the article is updated in 2015. The purpose of ISO 9001 is to define a set of quality management requirements including seven categories: 1. Context of the organization, 2. Leadership, 3. Planning, 4. Support, 5. Operation, 6. Performance evaluation, 7. Improvement, which means the products and services provided by suppliers are not only capable of meeting exceptions and needs by customers, but also comply with relevant regulatory. 

Benefits for Both Customers & Suppliers

With ISO9001certified, customers can easily find out reliable businesses for them to purchase products from, on the other hand, suppliers can broaden their business market and get more business chances by providing the proof of quality. Business nowadays find this certificate gets more and more important, it has been more common because the widely accepted by people, Ji-Horng has also certified by ISO9001:2015 for many years, our top-quality products and services are ensured by that and controlled carefully by self-disciplined, as we believe that it's our obligation to give our customers the best purchasing experience.

Our certificate can be found in attached photo below:

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