Current Issue: The Use of Plastic Straw

Due to the increasingly serious ocean pollution, Environmental Protection Administration has set relative policy regarding this problem, the new ban on plastic straw has been effective since July 1st, 2019, the use of straw is prohibited in following places: government department, school, department store, shopping mall, fast food restaurant, etc. 

The main purpose is to guide the people to think about the necessity of straw and gradually change the using habit.


Environmental Policy

First offender who provides customer plastic straw will be admonished, those who offense repeatedly will be impose a fine ranges from NT$1,200 to NT$6,000;  however, the policy is implemented with below exceptions:

1. The material is Bio-degradable plastic and passed environmental certification.

2. Products which is sold with straw, the straw has been attached  once finishing the production.

3. The straw which is manufactured by fiberous material such as wood chip, sugar cane, or paper, the content of plastic must be less than 10%.



Environmentally Friendly Straw

In response to the ban of plastic straw, reusable straw has been more and more common with several kinds of material these years, including stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, glass, and Titanium, etc.

Below we list out the comparison of different kinds of reusable straw,


Stainless Steel Straw

1. Sturdy and durable

2. Can be divided into two kinds: 304 and 316L(medical level)

316L is relatively acid resistant, but the price is higher as well

1. Can't know if the inner is clean completely or not

2. Do not clean by scouring pad, bacteria may breed if the straw is scratched

Titanium Straw

1. Sturdy and durable

2. Light weight

3. Outstanding corrosion resistance

1. Can't know if the inner is clean completely or not

2. The price is high

Glass Straw

1. Aesthetic

2. Inner is visible so we can know if we clean it completely or not

Easily to be broken

Bamboo Straw

1. The most natural material

2. Affordable price, easy to hand-made

3. Light weight

1. Easily to absorb the flavor

2. Easily to be moldy

Silicone Straw

1. Light weight

2. Bendable

1. Hard to clean

2. Hard to stick into the wrapping because of the softness


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