Plastic Buckle: What Is Cord Stopper?

Cord stopper is also widely known as toggle cord lock or cord fastener, a cord stopper is attached to cord, string, shoelace, or rope, it can move freely up and down while the button is squeezed, and lock in place when we release the tension on the button. 


What builds a cord stopper?

Cord stopper generally consists of three parts, toggle(male buckle), barrel(female buckle), and spring. 

  • Toggle works as a button, when squeezed or released, it is capable of adjusting the drawstring to fasten or loosen.
  • Spring is loaded to create tension to grab the string.
  • Barrel is the outer case of a cord stopper, which accommodates spring and toggle.


Types of cord stopper

There are various size, shape, and designs of cord stopper, you can generally divide them into two types in the basis of hole quantity, single hole and dual hold cord stopper.


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