Plastic Material: PC Resin

Basic Information

Polycarbonate (PC): is a kind of Thermoplastic, the water absorption rate is low, so it is not necessary to dry the material before production. PC is one of the five major engineering plastics, and the other four kinds are: PBT, PA(NY), POM, and PPO. It has both ductility and toughness, because of its excellent comprehensive performance, that's why it is widely applied in different industrial usages.

The chemical formula of Polycarbonate is C31H32O7.



  1. Light transmittance, transparency
  2. Good toughness and impact resistance

  3. Good colorability

  4. Good electrical insulation

  5. Non-flammable

  6. Good dimensional accuracy, excellent dimensional stability

  7. Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance


  1. Fatigue resistance, poor wear resistance
  2. Not resistant to ultraviolet radiation

  3. Weak alkali resistance


Production ways: injection molding, injection blow molding, extrusion molding, or vacuum molding.
The use of toner or color masterbatch can help produce different colors of plastic finished products, printing, electroplating, and spray printing on surface are also available, so we can offer customers a wide range of choices on the appearance with PC resin.

Due to its good transparency, PC is widely used in various lampshades and signal lights, please check the following multiple purposes below:

  • Automotive: reflector, windshield panel, instrument panel, etc.
  • Electronics & Appliances: calculator, relays, connectors, switchboards, etc.
  • Entertainment: CD, DVD, roller skates, etc.
  • Garment & Accessories: transparent plastic buckle
  • Architecture: daylighting glass
  • Others: metal part substitute


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