Plastic Material: POM Resin

Basic Information

Polyoxymethylene(POM): is also commonly known as (Poly)acetal, POM is a kind of Semi-crystalline Polymers, strong, has nice rigidity and high mechanical strength, which means it is widely used in different industrial usages. The chemical formula of Polyoxymethylene is (CH2O)n.


POM can be divided into homopolymer and copolymer by different manufacturing processes, below please check the comparing properties of them:

  • Polyoxymethylene-Homopolymer (POM-H): Also known as Acetal Homopolymer, with higher crystallinity, thus the density, melting temperature and rigidity are also higher, the tensile strength is higher as well. POM-H has better mechanical properties, shorter molding cycle time, so it can help reduce molding cost and it allows us to use on different mold designs.
  • Polyoxymethylene-Copolymer (POM-C): Also know as Acetal Copolymer, which has better resistance to chemical solvents (alkaline environment), it has lower melting temperature, and faster molding cycles, thus it's easier for manufacture processing, furthermore, it has better maintenance of color under UV exposure.



  1. The properties of POM are the most similar to metal among all kinds of Thermoplastic, it's strong and durable.
  2. Nice performance on rigidity, tensile strength, fatigue resistance, and impact resistant.
  3. Good hydrolytic resistance and electric insulativity.
  4. Creep resistant and good dimensional stability a period of time after production.
  5. POM doesn't absorb moisture itself from air or environment, it's a kind of Non-hygroscopic Polymers, so drying before production is unnecessary unless the environment is humid.


1. Poor weathering resistance especially UV radiation, deterioration occurs when POM finished products gets too much exposure to UV radiation, it may lead to change of color, embrittlement, and loss of strength.

2. Poor chemical solvent resistance(particularly strong acids, bases and oxidizing agents)

3. The ordinary grade of POM is burned easily, the flame won't stop even though the flame is removed, strong formaldehyde-liked odor.

4. High shrinkage rate, so it is necessary to take the size of mold cavity into account to prevent ubndesirable size.

5. Not available for printing, so laser would be another choice to get logo on the plastic article


Production ways: injection molding is the most common one, others including blow molding, extrusion molding, and impression molding.

The use of toner or color masterbatch can help produce different colors of plastic finished products, printing and electroplating on surface are also available, so we can offer customers a wide range of choices on the appearance with POM resin.

It can be a nice material for outdoor equipement if it is used with some UV-stabilizer, through this way, the poor weather resistance can be improved, it can get prolonged exposure to UV radiation.


Application:  POM is normally used for machinery parts and transmission components because of its nice mechanical properties, below we list out some general usages of ABS resin

  • Automotive: fuel supply unit, fuel rails, or interior accessories such as seat belt buckle, seat belt adjuster, dashboard interior components, trunk organizer buckle, trunk cargo fastening net hook, etc.
  • Mechanic equipment: gearwheel, bearing, water pipeline valve, pipe couplings, 
  • Entertainment: plastic buckles for outdoor mountaineering accessories, camping gear, or luggage locking secure belt strap, etc.
  • Garment & Accessories: work wear, tool belt, sports wear, backpack buckle, or shoelace buckle, cord stopper, snap fastener, etc.
  • Military: tactical belt and vest, police equipment(gun sling), multiple selections of strong heavy-duty buckle which can afford higher level of tensile strength
  • Others: including stationary, pet collar buckle, pet leash, baby chair, baby stroller, etc.

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