Plastic Material: Shrinkage Rate

To ensure the mold is built to best fit your needs, material used for injection molding is one of the most important elements to create a perfect mold design, the mold cavity shape and dimension can be calculated by the size of finished products and material shrinkage rate. 

Below is a list of plastic material shrinkage rate by percent, the information are only for references use, the rates may differ due to humidity, temperature, brands of plastic material, or many other reasons, for exact shrinkage rate, please check material data sheet with your material supplier:

Plastic MaterialAbbrev.Shrinkage Rate(%)
Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneABS0.6~1.6
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene High HeatABS HIGH HEAT0.4~0.9
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene High ImpactABS HIGH IMPACT0.4~0.9
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene Flame RetardantABS FR0.3~0.8
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene/PolycarbonateABS/PC0.5~0.7
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene/Polycarbonate 205 Glass FiberABS/PC 20% GF0.2~0.3
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene/Polycarbonate Flame RetardantABS/PC FR0.3~0.6
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide Blend, Ultra-high heat, Chemical Resistant (High Flow)TPI0.8~1.0
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide Blend, Ultra-high heat, Chemical Resistant (Standard Flow)TPI0.8~1.0
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide, High Heat, Transparent, Lead-Free Solderable (High Flow)TPI1.0~1.2
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide, High Heat, Transparent, Lead-Free Solderable (Standard Flow)TPI1.0~1.2
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide, Moderate Heat, TransparentTPI0.5~0.7
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide, Moderate Heat, Transparent (Food Contact Approved)TPI0.5~0.7
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide, Moderate Heat, Transparent (Mold Release Grade)TPI0.5~0.7
Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide, Moderate Heat, Transparent (Powder Form)TPI0.5~0.7
Acrylonitrile Styrene AcrylateASA0.4~0.7
Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate/PolycarbonateASA/PC0.3~0.7
Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate/Polycarbonate Flame RetardantASA/PC FR0.4~0.8
Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate/Polyvinyl ChlorideASA/PVC0.3~0.7
Cellulose AcetateCA0.3~1.0
Cellulose Acetate ButyrateCAB0.2~0.9
Cellulose Diacetate-Pearlescent Films-1.0~1.5
Cellulose Diacetate-Matt Film-1.0~1.5
Carboxymethyl CelluloseCMC0.1~0.3
Cellulose PropionateCP0.1~0.9
Chlorinated Polyvinyl ChlorideCPVC0.3~0.7
Ethylene TetrafluoroethyleneETFE3.0~4.0
Ethylene Vinyl AcetateEVA0.4~3.5
Fluorinated Ethylene PropyleneFEP3.0~6.0
High Density PolyethyleneHDPE1.5~4.0
High Density Polyethylene 30% Glass FiberHDPE 30% GF0.4
High Impact PolystyreneHIPS0.2~0.8
High Impact Polystyrene Flame Retardant V0HIPS FR V00.3~0.6
Liquid Crystal PolymerLCP0.1~0.6
Liquid Crystal Polymer Carbon FiberLCP CF0.1~0.5
Liquid Crystal Polymer Glass FiberLCP GF0.1~0.4
Liquid Crystal Polymer MineralLCP MINERAL0.1~0.5
Low Density PolyethyleneLDPE2.0~4.0
Low Density Polyethylene 30% Glass FiberLDPE 30% GF0.5
Linear Low Density PolyethyleneLLDPE2.0~2.5
Transparent Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneMABS0.4~0.7
Melamine resinMF0.5~1.5
Polyamide 6PA6/NY60.5~1.5
Polyamide 6-6PA66/NY660.7~3.0
Polyamide 6-6 30% Glass FiberPA66/NY66 30% GF0.5~0.5
Polyamide 6-6 30% Mineral FilledPA66/NY66 30% MINERAL FILLED0.6~1.0
Polyamide 6-6 Impact ModifiedPA66/NY66 IM1.2~3.0
Polyamide 6-6 Impact Modified 15-30% Glass FiberPA66/NY66 IM 15-30% GF0.2~0.6
Polyamide 66 Carbon Fiber, Long, 30 % Filler by WeightPA66/NY66 30% CF0.3~0.3
Polyamide 66 Carbon Fiber, Long, 40 % Filler by WeightPA66/NY66 40% CF0.3~0.3
Polyamide 66 Glass Fiber, Long, 50 % Filler by WeightPA66/NY66 50% GF0.3~0.3
Polyamide 66 Glass Fiber, Long, 60 % Filler by WeightPA66/NY66 60% GF0.3~0.3
Polyamide 6-10PA6-10/NY6-101.0~1.3
Polyamide 11 30% Glass FiberPA11/NY11 30% GF0.5~0.5
Polyamide 11 ConductivePA11/NY11 CONDUCTIVE0.7~2.0
Polyamide 11 FlexiblePA11/NY11 FLEXIBLE1.4~1.8
Polyamide 11 RigidPA11/NY11 RIGID0.7~2.0
Polyamide 12 ConductivePA12/NY12 CONDUCTIVE0.7~2.0
Polyamide 12 Fiber ReinforcedPA12/NY12 FIBER REINFORCED0.7~2.0
Polyamide 12 FlexiblePA12/NY12 FLEXIBLE0.7~2.0
Polyamide 12 Glass FilledPA12/NY12 GLASS FILLED0.7~2.0
Polyamide 12 RigidPA12/NY12 RIGID0.7~2.0
Polyamide 46PA46/NY461.5~2.0
Polyamide 46 30% Glass FiberPA46 30% GF/NY460.3~1.3
Polyamide ImidePAI0.6~1.0
Polyamide Imide 30% Glass FiberPAI 30% GF0.1~0.3
Polyamide Imide Low FrictionPAI LOW FRICTION0.1~0.5
Polyarylamide 30-60% Glass FiberPARA 30%~60% GF0.1~0.4
Polybutylene TerephthalatePBT0.5~2.2
Polybutylene Terephthalate 30% glass fiberPBT 30% GF0.2~1.0
Polycarbonate 20-40% Glass FiberPC 20-40% GF0.1~0.5
Polycarbonate 20-40% Glass Fiber Fire RetardantPC 20-40% GF FR0.1~0.5
Polycarbonate High HeatPC HIGH HEAT0.7~1.0
Polycarbonate/Polybutylene TerephthalatePC/PBT0.6~1.1
Polyethylene 30% Glass FiberPE 30$ GF0.2~0.6
Polyether Ether KetonePEEK1.2~1.5
Polyether Ether Ketone 30% Glass Fiber ReinforcedPEEK 30% GF REINFORCED0.4~0.8
Polyether Ether Ketone 30% Carbon Fiber ReinforcedPEEK 30% CF0.0~0.5
Polyetherimide 30% Glass FiberPEI 30% GF0.2~0.4
Polyetherimide Mineral FilledPEI MINERAL FILLED0.5~0.7
Polyetherketoneketone- Low Crystallinity GradePEKK LOW CRYSTALLINITY GRADE0.004~0.005
Polyethersulfone 10~30% Glass FiberPES 10~30% GF0.2~0.3
Polyethylene TerephtalatePET0.2~3.0
Polyethylene Terephtalate 30% Glass FiberPET 30% GF0.2~1.0
Polyethylene Terephtalate 30/35% Glass Fiber Impact ModifiedPET 30%/35% GF IM0.2~0.9
Polyethylene Terephtalate GlycolPET G0.2~1.0
Polyethylene-Ultra High Molecular WeightPE-UHMW4.0~4.0
Phenolic ResinsPF0.4~0.9
Polylactide-Injection MoldingPLA0.3~0.5
Polymethylmethacrylate(Acrylic) High HeatPMMA HIGH HEAT0.2~0.8
Polymethylmethacrylate(Acrylic) Impact ModifiedPMMA IM0.2~0.8
Polymethylpentene 30% Glass FiberPMP 30% GF0.3~1.2
Polymethylpentene Mineral Filled Impact ModifiedPMP MINERAL FILLED IM1.4~1.7
Polyoxymethylene(Acetal) Low FrictionPOM LOW FRICTION1.8~3.0
Polyoxymethylene(Acetal) Impact ModifiedPOM IMPACT MODIFIED1.0~2.5
Polyoxymethylene(Acetal) Mineral FilledPOM MINERAL FILLED1.0~2.5
Polypropylene Impact ModifiedPP IM2.0~3.0
Polypropylene 10-20% Glass FiberPP 10~20% GF1.0~2.5
Polypropylene 10-40% Mineral FilledPP 10~40% MINERAL FILLED0.6~1.4
Polypropylene 10-40% Talc FilledPP 10~40% TALC FILLED0.9~1.4
Polypropylene 30-40% Glass Fiber ReinforcedPP 30~40% GF REINFORCED0.1~1.0
Polypropylene HomopolymerPP Homopolymer1.0~3.0
Polypropylene CopolymerPP Copolymer2.0~3.0
PP Homopolymer, Long 30% Glass Fiber, Filler by WeightPP Homopolymer 30% GF0.4~0.4
PP Homopolymer, Long 40% Glass Fiber, Filler by WeightPP Homopolymer 40% GF0.3~0.3
PP Homopolymer, Long 50% Glass Fiber, Filler by WeightPP Homopolymer 50% GF0.3~0.3
Polypropylene 10-40% Mineral FilledPP 10~40% MINERAL FILLED0.6~1.4
Polyphthalamide 30% MineralPPA 30% MINERAL1.0~1.2
Polyphthalamide 33% Glass Fiber ReinforcedPPA 33% GF REINFORCED0.5~0.7
Polyphthalamide 33% Glass Fiber Reinforced (High Flow)PPA 33% GF REINFORCED0.74~0.76
Polyphthalamide 45% Glass Fiber ReinforcedPPA 45% GF REINFORCED0.1~0.3
Polyphenylene EtherPPE0.5~0.8
Polyphenylene Ether Flame RetardantPPE FR0.6~1.0
Polyphenylene Ether Impact ModifiedPPE IM0.6~1.0
Polyphenylene Ether 30% Glass Fiber ReinforcedPPE 30% GF REINFOCED0.1~0.4
Polyphenylene Ether Mineral FilledPPE MINERAL FILLED0.3~0.7
Polyphenylene OxidePPO0.6
Polyphenylene Oxide 30% Glass FiberPPO 30% GF0.1
Polyphenylene SulfidePPS0.6~1.4
Polyphenylene Sulfide 20-30% Glass FiberPPS 20-30% GF0.2~0.5
Polyphenylene Sulfide 40% Glass FiberPPS 40% GF0.2~0.5
Polyphenylene Sulfide ConductivePPS CONDUCTIVE0.3~1.0
Polyphenylene Sulfide Glass Fiber & MineralPPS GF & MINERAL0.3~0.7
Polyphenylene SulfonePPSU0.7~0.7
Polystyrene 30% Glass FiberPS 30% GF0.2~0.2
Polystyrene CrystalPS CRYSTAL0.1~0.7
Polystyrene High HeatPS HIGH HEAT0.2~0.7
Polysulfone 30% Glass FiberPSU 30% GF0.1~0.6
Polysulfone Mineral FilledPSU MINERAL FILLED0.4~0.5
Polytetrafluoroethylene 25% Glass FiberPTFE 25% GF1.8~2.0
Polyvinyl Chloride-PlasticizedPVC-PLASTICIZED0.2~4.0
Polyvinyl Chloride-Plasticized FilledPVC-PLASTICIZED FILLED0.8~5.0
Polyvinyl Chloride-RigidPVC RIGID0.1~0.6
Polyvinyl Chloride 20% GF ReinforcedPVC 20% GF REINFORCED0.1~0.2
Polyvinylidene ChloridePVDC0.5~2.5
Polyvinylidene FluoridePVDF0.5~2.5
Styrene AcrylonitrileSAN0.3~0.7
Styrene Acrylonitrile 20% Glass FiberSAN 20% GF0.1~0.3
Styrene Maleic AnhydrideSMA0.4~0.8
Styrene Maleic Anhydride 20% Glass FiberSMA 20% GF0.2~0.3
Styrene Maleic Anhydride Flame Retardant V0SMA FR V00.5~0.5
Thermoplastic ElastomerTPE2.5
Thermoplastic Starch Injection General PurposeTPS GP0.6~1.5
Thermoplastic Starch Injection Water ResistantTPS WR0.6~0.9
Urea-Formaldehyde ResinUF0.6~1.4
Crosslinked PolyethyleneXLPE0.7~5.0

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