Plastic Molding Method: Extrusion Molding

A molding method which is used for manufacturing strip-shaped products, the finish goods must have totally the same cross-section, such as pipe, thin film, or combining blow molding to make baggy products. 


The overall appearance of the finished product is based on the shape of cross-section, the product starts to take shape after molten plastic material is pushed forward and pass through the mold, however, deforming may easily occurred under the high temperature, thus there's another mold for shaping the molded goods once again to adjust and maintain the shape, in the final step, the shape of molded parts become fixed after passing through cooling water.




1. Continuous production, the length of the good can be produced at will based on requirement.
2. Cost of equipment is much lower, easier to set up, and with small size.
3. Easy to implement manufacturing automation.




1. Can only be used for manufacturing regular long strip shape product.
2. The size of the good is unstable.

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