Plastic Buckle: What Is Side Release Buckle?


Side release buckle essentially consists of two parts, one is male buckle, and the other one is female buckle. They are made of a wide variety of durable materials: POM, Nylon, ABS, PP, PVC, etc. Lighter than metal buckles, they are rustless, so can be applied on life jacket, and strong enough to be used on pet collar & harness, backpack, and sport equipments.

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How to Install a Side Release Buckle? 

How can we tie the webbing, strap, or paracord onto a buckle? 

Please take a close look at one of our best-selling side release buckle-S6DH, at the male buckle, there are two slots on it, exterior and interior, only one slot at the female buckle in contrast, which means male buckle is adjustable and female one is non-adjustable; there’s are also dual adjustable style with two slots on both sides.

A wide selection of side release buckle is available in Ji-Horng, please visit our product page for more information:

 Let’s check out how we install a side release buckle:

measure the inner width of buckle_JH

Measure and use suitable webbing

  • And install the end of webbing up into exterior slot of webbing, and then pass through down interior slot around the center bar of the buckle.
insert the webbing to the male buckle

  • For non-adjustable female side, insert the webbing end into the slot of female buckle, fold the end of the webbing in 1/2 inch or 13 mm, and then sew it up with two lines of stitching, it is also fine to sew in other ways to make it even more strengthened. 


How to Use Side Release Buckle? 

By squeezing on both sides at the same time, the buckle can be released, and slot the male part into female buckle at right angle to click on positive closure, it can be released and fastened repeatly, which is easy to be applied, user-friendly, and effective to secure the straps in place.
The above information describes the most basic style of side release buckles, there are also several styles of side release buckles for various purposes.

Some Other Unique and Complicated Styles

Due to the needs of a variety of industries and different occasions, some special types of side release buckles have been created; manufacturers add many ingenious elements to the buckle according to consumers’ demand, such as compass, powerful magnet, flint, whistle, combination lock and many other special parts that may be previously unimagined to appear on buckles.

  • Baby Chair Buckles

For baby stroller, three-way, four-way, or even five-way buckles which can collect webbing from three to five different directions are produced, some of them have additional locking system to provide extra security, so are pet buckles or spa buckles used on hot tube, they are able to prevent being accidentally released by your dog or kids.

There is also a variety of heavy-duty side release buckles used to secure occupational safety or used on large and strong dogs’ collars & harness, they are strong enough to replace metal ones, and their advantage is the light-weight and rustless feature. Our heavy duty styles including S22A, S250, S6DH, etc.

  • Lockable Buckles

Sliding lock, twist lock button, combination lock, or an additional key required to unlock the buckle, these above lockable buckles ensures security of pets or children, please take references of our S14, S14A, S20


Customized Side Release Buckle

Custom-made plastic buckle is available in Ji-Horng Plastic Co., Ltd. Some material such as Nylon, ABS, can be printed with company's logo, laser engraving is workable on different materials, and epoxy sticker is customizable as well.

If there's no required buckle style and tooling a new mold is acceptable for you, we are more than happy to discuss further details of molding with you.

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