Plastic Buckle: What Is Slide Buckle?

Slide buckle is also known as tri-glide buckle or sliplock buckle, there're also eight-shaped ring and reducer loop which fits two widths of webbing at one time.


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Tri-glide generally goes with webbing or backpack strap, they are considered to be a important webbing regualation accessories, strap adjuster, bag & luggage part, or pet accessories, the strap can be loosened or tightened to an appropriate point based on user's requirement, flexibly used on wide applications and enhance comfort while using the products.

Commonly Used Size

The most commly used width of buckles including: 8 mm、10  mm、1/2"、5/8"、3/4"、1"、1-1/4"、1-1/2"、1-3/4"、2", please take references of below size chart
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mminchApply to...
85/16badge holder, neck lanyard
103/8cat collar & harness, bow tie, nursing bra
121/2parachute bracelet, glove & mitten
5/815pet collar, bag strap
3/420backpack strap, pet collar, harness
125dog collar, baby harness, life jacket
1-1/432work apron, outdoor equipment
1-1/238collar for large dog, shoulder bag
1-3/444orthopedic restraint
250travel bag, fanny pack


I.e. if your webbing width is 15 mm, refer to the above table, your webbing can then fit in buckles with 5/8" inner width.

If you are not sure how to measure the buckle size, please take referances of this article:



  1. Standard Tri-glide Buckle
    The ones are commonly used in our daily life, they can be found on baby carrier, stroller, dining chair, backpack, life jacket, luggage strap, or travel bag, etc.

  2. Wide-mouth Tri Glide 
    With increased inner length which is able to fit in thicker webbing or pass through the webbing for multiple times based on requirement, they are commonly used to make pet collar or harness.

  3. Eight-shaped Ring
    The shape is just like number "8", it is usually designed to be thinner and lighter, generally, they do not required to have much tensile strength, they are used on bra strap. clothing, swimsuit, ID tag bagde holder.

  4. Side Sternum Slide Buckle
    With side loop by the side,  which is designed to finish your backpack harness with a chest strap and to keep your pack stabilized, there are single side sternum tri-glide and double side sternum tri-glide, there're also opening design for quick attach requirement.

  5. Belt Slide Pin Buckle
    Compare to the metal belt buckle, this pin buckle made of plastic is much lighter.

  6. Water Tube Tri-Glide
    Also known as hydration tube clip, the opening design allows accessibility of webbing for quick attachment, suitable to be used on differnet kinds of backpack.

  7. Heavy Duty Tri-glide
    Thicker and stronger than normal ones, they are featured for the high tensile strength, capible of resisting heavy load.


  8. Reducer Buckle
    Also known as retainer, the width of slots are not the same, which makes it a perfect webbing accessory for downsize the webbing to thinner one.

Custom-made Tri Glide Buckle

Custom-made plastic buckle is available in Ji-Horng Plastic Co., Ltd. Some material such as Nylon, ABS, can be printed with company's logo, laser engraving is workable on different materials, and epoxic sticker is customizable as well.

If there's no required buckle style and tooling a new mold is acceptable for you, we are more than happy to discuss further detail of molding with you.

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